Welcome to my joint

Hey everybody! I'm Teresa and its time to rock this dead joint!! This might seem boring and dull right now but, its on the way. I have many homepages and places that you can see. Just look for them down below. Please try to like this, and try to have fun... please?

You can mail me at the address following the arrow -->creative@cyberspace.org

To read about little ole me click here ---> me


--->Fuzzball's homepage

--->Skezy's homepage

--->Phil's Page

--->Jess's page

--->Grex's Page

--->M-net's Page

To log onto grex, click on the word after the arrow. If you are new please logon as "newuser" and follow the directions givin. ---> Grex

I'm very into Metallica so I found one of the many cool pages. Check it out --->Metallica

Need to do a search? Well use yahoo! --->Yahoo

Hey come visit MTV! -->Mtv "Live a wild life and have fun always!"

"Uhhh... shoot, I forgot!!"

Those are qoutes from me. *smile*

If anything is wrong, please mail me and tell me. I'll try to fix it!

NOTE: I will be changing this page, but I will not introduce any graphic, audio, or CGI files on Grex, in compliance with the Grex policy.