Viens me chercher, femmelette !


opium14:  im not even actualy a montrealer im a perrotoit

krj:       one of our annoying Canadian grexers is going to school in

Montreal, soup or naftee or somebody

ball:     I have never been to Canada

opium14:  is he that annoying ? i could clober him lol

ball:     opium14: I can think of one Grex parasite in Canada whose telephone

line should be cut, permanently.

---- rodamala leaving (Feb  8 16:05)

opium14:  ball oooo name !

opium14:  lol

ball:     opium14: You'll know him when you see him. :-(

opium14:  i might be able to do something about him



If you are not opium14, then Hi. I like you.